Poverty is a demon. It is the prime source of all evils. Poverty stricken land is easy prey for its greed neighbours. Poverty has caused political revolution, moral degeneration and economic up reveals. A nation of hungry and starving million cannot stand as one for long political freedom is nothing to the common man. He wants economic freedom. The common man cannot appreciate or relish political freedom as long as his stomach is empty.

How can we remove poverty? The gap between the rich and the poor cannot be washed away. We can narrow it down gradually. It involves not only well directed efforts but also active and sincere co-operation of the rich and the poor. The rich must be prepared to sacrifice some of their comforts at least some of their luxuries. The poor are to work hard and improve their lot.

The accomplishment of Russia and China in this field are equally astonishing and inspiring. Russia and China were predominantly agricultural countries like India. Both the countries were backward industrially. But within a short period of two decades these countries developed great economic strength and achieved their goals. This they did with one will and single minded determination of their leaders. They have proved that if people are not allowed to fritter away their energy and time in petty quarrels, demonstration and law suits in the name of democracy and liberty the country would benefit.

Germany, Japan and Italy suffered the worst in the World War II. France and England too suffered, but they at least won the war. All these countries set out with determination to improve their lot. Being democratic countries they could not force their people do nothing. But the spirit shown by their people and the system adopted by their Govt made the effort a miraculous success. These countries had no public sector industry running at a heavy loss. There was no industrial indiscipline in these countries. There was no politician in these countries to interfere and sabotage the project. There were only determination and hard work.

 We should eradicate illiteracy and give proper education to our people. The Govt should create right atmosphere for industrial growth and expansion. This will create opportunities for employment. When we solve the problem of employment we will have removed poverty also. Rural areas can accommodate more unskilled labour. Our villages must-be developed and made comfortable enough.

In our country leaders give promises and make head lines in newspapers. We should realize that the problem is acute. We should tackle it with vigour and imagination. Our outdated policies and confused ideas are not going to be of any use. We should re-orient our policies. We should pave the way for greatest production and more employment.