It was the month of June. The summer was at its peak. One evening my friends and I decided to go to the Karna Lake at Karnal for a boating excursion. We reached the lake at 7.30 p.m. A sweet breeze was blowing and it gave us the respite from the hot sun. We saw two boatmen sitting in a corner. We went to them and settled the terms with one of them. He put the boat in the lake and we boarded it. The weather was pleasant. As it was full moon, the rays of the moon were dancing merrily on the water. Ripples were produced by the movement of the boat. The silvery water mirrored the tall trees standing on the bank of the lake. The evening seemed to be full of mysteries. We all were in good and cheerful mood. We started singing, laughing and joking. For a while, we forgot all our worries and anxieties of life. We felt as though we were in some fairyland. We had taken snacks and fruits with us. We ate and enjoyed. We boated for around two hours. As it was getting late, we had to return home quite reluctantly. It was a very nice experience.