Essay about A MORNING WALK

Essay on My Morning Walk

Long and brisk walk in the open air either in the morning or in the evening is the best exercise for the middle and old aged people. However, youngsters and youth may take up running or a brisk walk. This keeps the body fit for the whole day.

I always prefer running to walking but I enjoy walking along with my grandfather. I derive pleasure from his witty, humorous talk filled with wisdom. So, I often go along with him for morning walk. My grandfather prefers my company because of his extreme love to me. He likes me and so he tells me good and wise stories which help me in shaping my life.

We walk daily a distance of 3 kilometers from our home. Everyday my grandfather gets up very early and wakes me up gently with a smiling face full of love and affection. I open my eyes and hug him with love. Then I go to the toilet, brush the teeth and get fully prepared for the walk. In summer, I wear easy and light dress and in winter, cozy and comfortable dress. By that time my grandfather comes with a cup of milk for me and a cup of tea for him. When we leave for morning walk the whole houses remain closed. My mother usually gets up along with my grandfather.

The cool morning breeze invigorates the body and the soul. It gives us a very pleasant feeling. My grandfather’s company is a source of courage and fearlessness to me in the early hours of the morning on an empty road. On the vacant street, generally a couple of persons are seen now and then. The tall trees on both sides of the road appear as dark shadows but the buildings, the straight road, the chirping sounds of the birds, the ringing mellowed voice of my grandfather, the twilight etc give a pleasing and fascinating environment which I like most. While on walk a look at the sky just at day break appear like a colourful canvas painted with red hue by the spreading rays on a bluish grey back-ground. Then the dark shadows of the tall trees in the brightening daylight come out with splendid bush green colour. Squirrels now running on the ground and jumping on to the trees making sounds of joy are accompanied by the musical sound made by the birds and the morning wind. These are the sounds and the scenes I enjoy while walking.

A pause for a few moments to look- direct at nature in the early morning hours reveals a riot of colours around us. The aroma of the air gathered from the bushes, grassy paths and leaves of the trees are pure and healthy for breathing. The welcome colours of the flowers and their inviting fragrance are what we behold and inhale in the company garden. I sit for some time with my grandfather on a soft green tuft of grass. A few meditative moments in communion with the nature all around brought a new vigour in us.

When we return home, the rising sun appears in the sky like a red fireball. The number of persons walking on the road increases slowly. The vehicle movement also increases. On the way, we come across many regular morning walkers with whom we exchange pleasantries and greeting; By the time we reach home we find the household people slowly getting up from their deep slumber. Whereas we remain fresh and fit for the day work. The morning walk rejuvenates both the body and the spirit of a person.