Teachers are here, teachers are there.


A friendly teacher is very rare.

Most of the teachers today are no good. They think of their job in terms of money and do not have the welfare of the students and the nation at heart. But all the teachers are not just rotten and fit for the dust like yesteryear’s dry leaves. Here and there are exceptions. Now and then we have capital examples of teachers who need to be worshipped.

An ideal teacher is as rare as a dodo. He is a near impossibility in these days of getting rich quickly. The teachers like other professionals are in the system and want to make as much money as possible and as quickly as they can do it. That puts idealism out of action. The flame dies for want of oil. It never gets a fair chance to live and lighten the world.

An ideal teacher pursues his job with a spirit of devotion and dedication. He understands the students and the students understand him. He is a builder of the nation and the architect of nation’s destiny. He has a thorough knowledge of his books with love and labour. With labour and love he teaches his students.

We have one such ideal teacher in our school. His name is Mr. Mahesh, our English teacher. He has influenced me the most and he is the lighthouse of my life. I steer the ship of my destiny by his examples and his advice. He tells me that knowledge is not the end but the end of all knowledge is wisdom. We must seek wisdom even from stones and streams. Every book is also our book. We should keep our eyes and ears open all the time and never stop learning as long as we live.

If a student goes wrong, Mr. Mahesh checks him; and if he does well, Mr. Mahesh admires him. This admiration is a spur to great deeds of victory and success in life. He awakens the sleeping spirits of the youth. He quickens the minds and sharpens the soul of the young students who seek his advice and counsel. Thus he influences the course of the stream of our lives. He is our true philosopher and sincere guide in all walks of life.

Our teacher has a very noble character. He is a man of simple living and high thinking. His character is flawless. He is our example in punctuality and performance of our various duties of life at home and in the school. He is thorough gentleman. He is right, rosy and righteous.

Mr. Mahesh has mastery over his subject. His method of teaching is impressive. His voice is clear. He teaches us nicely. If a student ever commits a mistake he makes him realize his mistake very tactfully. He rarely beats a child. He gives us home task daily and checks the same regularly. He shows 100% results every year with a number of distinctions in the subject.

Our ideal teacher is responsible for moulding our character and our career. We can never forget him as long as we live, he lights many candles with his wisdom and his service to the community is unique and almost unparalleled. He is a gem among men. We are really proud of our English Teacher