Essay about LIFE IN A BIG CITY


Big cities are huge plants in which the common man is sucked to lose his entity. The glamour, the facilities of education, the sources of recreation the big centres of medical aid all attract man towards big cities. But once he is there and has no resources he is lost in the wildernesses. His individuality is lost. Who cares for a man in the jungle of millions of houses? Who knows him? Not even his neighbour. There are big mansions and posh localities. Who resides there? Well to do people only. The others are sent to the far off colonies miles and miles away from their place of work. They too are fortunate for they at least sleep under a roof during night. The rest have to be satisfied with slums or foot paths as their residence.

The pomp and show and all the facilities are but for the rich. They bargain on phone and secure all they require through phone. The poor have to stand in different queues for different things – for kerosene, for food grains, for milk and even for cooking gas. A slum dweller has to waste hours together to collect two buckets of water. The Municipal Corporation, the Development Authority, the Water-works, the Electricity Board, the Education Department, the Public Schools provide many facilities and amenities. The rich avail these. The poor merely wish they could.

The means of transport of course are better. The frequency of buses is far better than what it is in small cities. The sources of recreation too are better. Medical aid is sometimes good. The chances of employment too are good. One seldom remains unemployed. But the life in slums all around the posh localities is hellish. It is infested by mafias and people in flesh trade. They are rather cobwebs with mafias as spiders. Once you are in it you are there for ever. The more you try to push yourself out the more entangled you are. People live like insects in these areas.

The life in big cities is very fast. It is too fast for an easy going man to bear. Reduce your speed on a busy road you meet with an accident. Reduce your wants you may even starve. At least you are thrown out of the society. You have to be a part of the hue and cry, the sophistication or rudeness and scarcity to survive. Oh God! stop this, vertical growth or man would be really reduced to the status of an insect.