Essay about LIFE IN A BIG CITY


India has many metropolitan cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore etc, are some of them. But 80 per cent of our population lives in villages. A person from rural area may find himself lost in a big city. Life in a city looks attractive and glamorous. People are progressive. They are constantly keeping abreast with the developments in the world and even the government takes care to see that big cities develop like other big cities in the world. This is a correct attitude as that would make India modern and any foreigner coming to this land no more would think that we are a country of only snake charmers and elephants, as was the impressions in the West until a few years ago.

Cities provide job opportunities to people and we find thousands of villagers moving to the cities to get employment. However, one finds that in comparison village life is a more peaceful one. In cities most people live like strangers. A city dweller works from morning till night. Distances are long and to keep any appointment in a big city is difficult. People get stuck in traffic jams and have to also stand for long hours waiting for bus to arrive. Buses are fully packed with people and there is a lot of harassment. People become aggressive. Each man feels the need to satisfy his own need for comfort at the cost on his neighbour.

Facilities are limited everywhere and there are too many people to avail of them. This causes trouble at railway stations, in trains, at cinema theatres, in buses and at petrol pumps. Man has become materialistic and selfish in a big city. Nature is neglected and even if one wants to enjoy the peace that comes with nature he cannot. Pollution makes the air thick and city dwellers suffer from respiratory trouble.

A man of the city is a product of his artificial surrounding. He becomes insensitive to the needs of his fellow men. One cannot blame him because every man has to look after his own family and has no the time to look after his neighbour. Children get neglected because both their parents work and have long office hours. Despite all these factors, the city still attracts us as it promises a life of action and progress. There are unlimited opportunities. Anyone who wants to, can grab opportunities and improve his lot.