I have a number of books. I have read them all. But the book I like most is the Pancha Tantra stories. It contains a number of stories. All of them are interesting stories. They were written long, long ago. A great wise man wrote them. His name was Vishnu Sharma. This story book was given to me as a present by my aunt.

Each of these stories tells us a moral. Human nature is portrayed here through various animals. These stories are really wonderful. These are in narrative form. Damnak and sanjivak are the main character. Damnak is a jackal and Sanjivak is a bull.

They are so amusing and interesting. I like to read and re-read them. Many of them I remember very well. I like to tell them to my friends and my younger sister. Though very old, the stories are quite fresh and true.

These stories take me to the animal kingdom. And it is full of excitement. They keep my interest aroused. The animals in these stories present the human nature so nicely.