Essay about MY HOBBY


Each and every person does some work or other. The rich work for increasing their riches whereas poor for their daily bread. Hobby is a work done in spare time in a leisurely way. In pursuing hobby one is not bound in any way. Hobby is not for earning riches. It is basically for amusement and recreation of the person. A poor man does not have spare time or leisure to pursue his hobbies, for he has to spend all his time in earning his daily bread.

There are many hobbies, some are costly and some are cheap. Some are useful and money earning, whereas some are aesthetic. For example, photography and gardening are popular hobbies. Col­lection of stamps, old coins, antiques, pebbles, conch shells, miner­als, stones etc. are some of the well known hobbies. Making deco­rative articles from thrown away rubbish and carvings on natural wood and stone are some of the modern hobbies. Bee keeping, cattle breeding, poultry and fishery are some of the useful hobbies. Reading, writing, acting, clay modeling, sculpturing, painting, danc­ing, singing, riding, rowing and swimming are some of the general hobbies.

My favourite hobby is gardening. I love gardening from my child­hood. My grandmother encouraged me to sow seeds in the soil. When I saw them sprout and grow I used to feel very happy. I was attracted by flowers and plants; I liked to live in the midst of trees blooming with flowers. I always prefer to move around in garden amongst birds, bees and trees. A fully bloomed mustard field in the evening sunshine looks like a golden yellow carpet spread on the ground. It fascinates everybody. Such scenes are not only liked by everybody but compel them to adopt gardening as hobby. The smiles of flowers, the beauty of green plants and growing creepers can be enjoyed by all of us if we take up gardening as hobby.

Fortunately, at our house there is ample place to maintain kitchen garden, flower beds and grass lawns. I used to do all the gardening work along with our regular gardener. 1 know budding, transplant­ing, cutting, pruning and other garden techniques. I learnt  gardening us a hobby but I know each and every work like any professional gardener.

I pluck with my own hands the vegetables grown in the back­yard and my mother feels pleasure in cooking them. Of all flowers, I like roses the best. I grow a variety of roses with various scents, sizes and colours. I present fruits, flowers and vegetables grown in my garden to my friends and neighbours. This hobby gives me mental pleasure and keeps me physically fit. So I like it very much.