Essay about MY HOBBY


A hobby is an activity we do for enjoyment during our spare time. It keeps us busy and we also derive pleasure out of it.  Different people have different hobbies. Music, painting, reading, stamp collecting, coin collecting, gardening etc. are some of the common hobbies. My hobby is reading books. Whenever I am at leisure, I read books. It makes me feel refreshed and happy. I read books of all kinds- stories, novels, science fictions, poetry etc. Reading books not only gives me pleasure, it also enhances my knowledge on varied subjects. I read books both in English and Hindi. I don’t mind reading the same book again and again. I have a good collection of books. Sometimes I borrow books from my friends or get them issued from the library. I find books to be my best friends. In their company, I never feel bored or unhappy. I feel that reading books is one of the best hobbies that a person can have. I wish I had plenty of leisure, so that I could go on reading as much as I could.