This is an age of science. Emphasis is now laid on the use and application of science in every aspect of life. Continuous and long efforts for scientific inventions have resulted in the application of scientific knowledge in almost every walk of life. Science education, research and technological development is the norm of today.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is an old saying. It has lead to all types of studies and research connected with science. All types of appliance, gadgets, equipment, machinery etc. have been know been known and according to the use of human beings. Scientific methods are used for construction, comforts and also for destruction.

In modern warfare, weapons, bombs, missiles, warships, aircrafts and many other types of sophisticated ad destructive equipment and devices are used. All these result in causing havoc and large-scale destruction.  Large scale deaths ruin hundreds and thousands of families, destroys homes and factories. All these cause widespread difficulties, unemployment, and poverty.

Knowledge of science and modern inventions has created circumstance of mass destruction. These days space is also being used for mass destruction. Remote control methods are more harmful in warfare. So many types of bombs, missiles, rockets and weapons are being used for mass destruction. It is difficult to have safeguards against all these.

It is true that now there are many organizations that are trying to stop the use of destructive devices or at least to reduce them. Knowledge of science is a God-gift so it should be used to provide all types of amenities to men, to better the health standards and long life of men. Science is not to be allowed to prove curses for human beings.