Almost all things of necessity Comfort or Luxury that we see around us came from a scientific invention one day or the other. The whole medical system, the means of transport—cars, scooters, trucks, trains and all means of communication were invented in the past. Scientific inventions have changed the face of the world.

The most important and the most crucial scientific invention sin alpha the forties is nuclear power. The energy generated by the fusion of atom has helped the world by having more electricity. Hundreds of nuclear power stations have come up in different countries of the world. The latest was installed at Narora in Uttar Pradesh in India. Sophisticated Scientific inventions have some serious hazards too. If there is blast in these centres of energy radioactive clouds may kill thousands and thousands of people.

It can affect the health of the people. The Chernobyl blast in Russia killed thousands of people and rendered huge amounts of food not fit for human consumption. In Kerala 20,000 people die of cancer every year due to radioactive climate near Periyar River.

Most of the scientific inventions after fifties are in the field of ammunitions. There are long range missiles and rockets with nuclear heads. There are thousands of satellites moving round the earth. There are scientific laboratories in some of these. It is a great achievement of course. But these inventions have created a dark cloud of suspicion hovering over the world. LASER beams has added one more Chapter to the book of inventions. It can be used for mass destruction. But it helps in the communication system and radars too.

Besides computer robot is man’s most important invention. Both computer and robot are under the control of man. But now we are heading towards inventing a computer that can think like a human being and order the robot. We wonder if it will allow man to have rest or be a slave of this Superman.

The World has an eye on the latest inventions in the genetic science. The Scientist has been able to eliminate male factor in many plants. Banana is one of them. The day the scientist finds a way to have children without man the world may have only women. The whole pattern of the society will undergo a revolutionary change.