Students unrest is a crucial problem that our nation faces. In Kerala, the gravity of it has been considerably increased. Whatever the high talk one may indulge in, the ultimate goal of education is to get a job. When he feels the goal beyond his reach how can he be contented? It is what happens at present.

Then, what is his position at home? He is disliked by his as he is not good at studies. He is always compelled by his parents to study. “Go and study” are the words that always echo to his ears. He is a threat to the Govt. as the students can easily organize strikes to upset the normal peaceful life. his discontentment leads him to adopt all kinds of unfair means in examinations. He indulges in prohibited activities. Thus the whole world is caught with the fear of students’ unrest.

Indiscipline and misbehavior arise from the same kind of grievance and discontent, either conscious or subconscious. The student of today is certainly a discontented and dissatisfied being.

The root of almost all the problems in the field of education can be traced to our present educational system. Though many reforms have been advocated, they are yet to be admitted and implemented. It still remains examination oriented. It is neither research centered nor job oriented. After getting degrees, our young men run after jobs. Education doesn’t foster self confidence in young man. Though many changes have been effected in Kerala in the field of education for the last few years, the result of which is yet to be evaluated.

Moreover, the number of students seeking admission in educational institutions has multiplied while the numbers of educational institution have not considerably increased.

When the number of self financing colleges was sanctioned without any consideration, the problems related with education have become more complicated. The decision of the central govt. to make immediate law to put control over the self financing colleges reveals the gravity of the problem. All these developments lead to students’ unrest.

 Then the number of the students in classrooms was increased. The classrooms are usually so much crowded that the teachers cannot pay any individual attention to the students. Thus the contact between the teacher and the student is virtually lost. The students are usually the part of a mob and they follow mob psychology.

The adoption of western style and western way of living has spread in our society. This development invites more trouble than good.

How can we find a solution to it? I am of the opinion that the only way to check the student’s unrest is to make drastic reforms in the field of education.