Essay about TERRORISM


A terrorist is a person who seeks to create fear and panic among the people to gain his own ends or ends of the organization to which he belongs. There is also criminal terrorism which indulges in kidnapping in order to export huge amounts by way of reason.

Political terrorism is much more dangerous and its consequences can be disasterous. Political terrorists are well organized and well trained having foreign link and support and often it becomes difficult for law enforcing agencies to arrest them in time. They indulge in senseless violence on a large scale. They do so to create fear and panic among the people and become a serious threat to the nations. Hijacking of aeroplanes, robberies, murder of eminent personalities, shooting down innocent people indiscriminately, use of car bombs and other explosives spreading rumors etc. are various devices used by terrorist organization in order to achieve their political ends, terrorists constantly change their hideouts and their tactics in order to escape, arrest and punishment. When arrested they try to commit suicide or are killed by their own commanders. They may think that they are patriots and as fighting for freedom. But in reality they are anti-social of criminal elements. They are misguided and incited by foreign powers. This power wants to create unrest in their neighbouring countries. They try to destroy the unity and sovereignty of that country.

Terrorists are usually young while the brains behind them are old reasonable politicians. They are fanatics and extremists working with great favour and zeal. They are brain washed by foreign powers and such they case to think rationally and practically.

Terrorism is a worldwide phenomenon. It is here in Punjab, Kashmir and Assam. Fortunately terrorists in Assam are returning to the main stream of Indian Nation. ULPHA realized this. In the case of Kashmir, the terrorists are receiving training, weapon and material and monetary help from neighboring country.

It is not an easy job to seal complete long border between India and Pakistan right from Kuch to Kashmir spreading over 1500 km. For dealing with these terrorists the Govt had to arm itself with greater power. Anti-terrorist Act passed by the Parliament. The Act also provides punishment for disrupting activities which have been defined on any action taken to disrupt the sovergnity or the territorial integrity of the nation. There is an Arm Act also to empower the Govt to deal with such terrorism. Laws have also been inactive to prohibit the use of religious places or political purposes or for hiding and sheltering anti-social elements, stringent Punishment is also be met about in cases of misuse of religious places.

After “Operation Blue Star” it was hoped that Punjab will be free from terrorist-activities but it also resulted in vain with the assassination of late Mrs. Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi by LITE.

But the extremist are still quite active and their underground operations are intact. Terrorism could not, and cannot be curbed by the law abiding and enforcing agencies alone. The terrorists are being induced to leave their unlawful activities and violence. If there are genuine demands of these young men they should be provided with these. They must lose public sympathy on account of terrorism and co-operation. Thus terrorism can be controlled in the country.