Christmas is an important festival of Christians. It is celebrated on 25th December of every year throughout the world with great religious fervor and happiness. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Jesus Christ, the saviour of mankind. It is believed that the almighty sent his son Jesus Christ to earth to save the man kind from its sin.

Preparation for Christmas starts from the first of December itself. From that day Christians observe lent days and lead a prayerful and pious life. Christmas is a season of greeting cards, cakes and stars. Shops flood with colourful greeting cards, readymade Christmas trees, stars etc. People from all walks of life throng the shops for selecting cards and other items. Everyone is eager to greet their relatives, friends etc through beautiful cards. There are cards of different sizes and different costs.

Another attraction of the Christmas is the Christmas tree. Usually Christmas tree is made by cutting a suitable branch of a tree and decorating it with balloons, gauds, electric bulbs and stars. Gifts are also hung on the Christmas tree. Usually the Christmas tree is accompanied by a beautiful crib where small idols of infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, three kings, camel, sheep etc. are placed. The Christmas tree and crib are made on the eve of Christmas. People burst crackers and exchange gifts, cakes etc to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas carol is an important aspect of Christmas. People form group of choir and they visit houses singing songs and disturbing sweets to foretell the advent of Jesus. Carol group are accompanied by Christmas father or Santa Claus. Santa Claus with white beard, cone shaped cap decorated with balloons, a big belly and dressed in a red coloured gown or cassock is the main attraction of carols.

Churches are decorated with variety of stars. Beautiful Christmas tree and crib are also made. There are special prayers and holy mass on the midnight of 24th December. Lot of people attends these functions. Christmas day is an occasion of get together of family and friends. It is an occasion of peace and merry making