Essay about THE CITY I LIVE IN


 I live in Delhi. It is my home town. It is one of the largest cities of India. Many historical building are found ere. It has great importance. The city has survived many great wars and rebellions.

Delhi is expanding very fast. More and more new colonies are coming up. The roads are always full of pedestrians. Tongas, cars, scooter, passenger buses, school buses and rickshaws are be seen everywhere. There is hustle and bustle everywhere. Long queues at bus stops, milk booth and cinema halls are very common.

Delhi is a big business and an educational center. Hundreds of factories employ thousands of workers. Many cottage industries have also come up and produce several kinds of goods. There are hundreds of school and many colleges in Delhi. Many students study in these schools and colleges. There are all so many engineering and medical colleges.

Delhi also has many centers of entertainment. There are cinema halls, theaters, restaurants etc. to give entertainment to the people. Parks and lawns are scattered all over the city. These places provide relief to us help us to relax after a day’s hard work.

In Delhi, hundreds of people come from other states visit the capital. They speak different languages. Tourists also visit the capital. Different types of people live in Delhi. It is in fact called ‘the mini India’.

Delhi is increasing in its importance with everyday passing. The D.D.A. has started a planned development of the city. The roads are being widened, arks are being laid and every effort is being made to make the city neat and clean.