We live in the age of science. It is almost impossible to think of modern life without science. Its influence and impact on the life has been so deep and extensive that it has turned this earth into a land of wonders and marvels. All our amenities, comforts and luxuries are the gifts of science. It has changed the complexion of the things to an unrecognizable extent. If anyone of our ancestors were to come, he would certainly fail to recognize the world as the same where he had lived and worked.

The present day world is more comfortable, more charming and more desirable than it was during the period of our grandparents. It is so because of the blessings and wonders of science. For example, take the means of communication. They are so fast and easy that countries have come very close to one another. We have conquered both time and distance because of these quickest possible means of transport and communication. Telephone, cell phone, computer, fax, radio, T.V., satellites, space-shuttles and rockets, supersonic aircrafts etc. are wonderful achievements of modern science and technology.

The blessings of science are too many to be enumerated. See what an amazing gift is computer. So is atomic energy. This mysterious force is many times more powerful than electricity. Atomic explosions can be used for removing mountains, dragging underground deep tunnels and in the construction of very big dams. It runs our big factories, mills and other industrial establishments. The uses of atom for progress are unlimited.

Science has relieved the housewife of much of her toil. There are scientific gadgets for every work. We now have washing and sewing machines, dishwashers, grinders, juicers, automatic irons, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, micro-ovens, air-conditioners, personal computer and what not. These gadgets have turned our world into a dreamland where you have only to wish and it is fulfilled the next moment.

In the field of surgery and medicine the achievements of science are no less wonderful. Many fatal diseases have been tamed. Now they are curable. Many vital parts of our body can now be transplanted. In near future we would be able to have our bodies overhauled as we have our cars or washing-machines today. We have conquered death and disease to a great extent. Consequently, life expectation has considerably increased and rate of mortality decreased. Plastic surgery can transform an ugly looking man or woman into a handsome person.

We have conquered space. Man had already reached the moon. His un-manned spacecrafts have landed on other planets. Robots can work efficiently in factories, mines, depths of the sea and even in dangerous places where perhaps man cannot dare.

In short, the wonders and blessings of science are countless. In other fields like education, agriculture, business and entertainment, its success has been miraculous. But unfortunately science is also a bad master. Man is becoming slave of machines and scientific gadgets day by day. It had produced many horrible weapons like atom and hydrogen bombs, missiles etc. The examples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are there. We have so many deadly weapons of such great dimensions that they can destroy the whole world many times over. But for this science is not to be blamed. The evil is within us. We have conquered elements and space but we have yet to conquer the devil within us. It is useless to blame science as a cause. It is the man himself who is responsible for the so-called ills of science.