Essay about YETI


Many mountaineers and men of adventure have spent years in search of Yeti, the mysterious animal up in the Himalayas. It is also called snow man because it looks like a crude human figure made of snow packed together. T has footprints of a giant man. A number of people claim to have seen it and heard its “weird whistling”.

An old man claims he can faithfully imitate Yeti’s Whistle. His whistle has been tape-recorded to help the search for the elusive Yeti.

Yetis are believed to be in Sikkim from ancient times. According to legend these “abominable someone” migrated to Sikkim from Nepal. The experts say that Yeti is a shy animal. It runs away from seekers to higher and higher mountains.

An effort is made to attract Yeti to the National Park in Sikkim. It is the highest in India. It is 2000 to 8000 metres high. Its peaks and valley are perpetually covered with snow. It has dense forests and bounding glaciers. It is considered as an ideal place for Yeti to find shelter and live without fear.

Sixtrained foresters armed with high-powered binoculars and telescopes keep a vigil round the clock for Yeti to come to the National Park. The Chinese have failed in their efforts to catch Yeti in Tibet where it was said to have been spotted in 1969. They have failed in their efforts to catch a Yeti in Tibet.

There have been some reports about Yeti. A yak weighing over 500lbs was found thrown about 30 feet from where it was tied and there were no marks of feet dragging.

No other animal except man possesses feet like Yeti. It is very intelligent and can learn talking easily.