Essay on HARD WORK

Essay on Hard Work is the key to success

Through this essay on hard work, we describe about the importance of hard work and how it leads to success.

Work is worship. This beautiful universe is God’s work, God himself a worker. God wants man to work. Man has to work for earning his bread. He has to work for getting the comfort of life. He works to bring up his children. He also works to win fame and name, work is born with man.

Hard work is not injurious to health. It is rather conducive to health. The labourers and farmers who do a lot of work enjoy good health. But the people who lie in their comfortable beds generally remain ill. Till the limbs of man are not properly used man becomes invalid. A machine may suffer wear and tear when used but not human body, In 20th century science has given so many comforts that man has contracted a number of diseases.

Hard work is needed for body and mind. Mental work does not impair our mental faculties. Rather mental worker’s makes mind keener and sharper. If you do not allow your brain to work you became dull.

One can do hard work if the person likes his work, such a person get a mental enjoyment, when you love your work you make a great progress. In our country, the employment opportunities are few that we do not get the work of our choice. In such a case one should develop interest in the work.

Hard work determines our value in life. Idle people do not live properly. People do not like him , He is of no use to the society , work is the condition of life. Hard workers have risen from the lowest position to the highest worth and work goes hand in hand.

The reward of hard work is mental satisfaction; it gives peace to mind. Hard working person get sound sleep. They never develop bad habits because they remain busy. An idler is a burden to society. Man has brought heaven on earth through hard work.