Today, there is now a premium on fresh air and there even are bars in Japan where people can buy whiffs of oxygen. If we continue to play foul with the environment and interfere with the already disturbed ecosystem, the day is not for off when we shall rue over the mind-boggling progress and excessive exploitation of nature to feed our follies and glorify our greed.

It is neither a fad nor a fashion to show our concern for the environment. It is a feeling for the fast deteriorating miller, both natural and man-made, that pricks the conscience of some who take upon themselves the rigorous but moral responsibility of creating an awareness among the people, to preserve the delicate balance in the entire ecosystems that has been disturbed beyond repair and recognition in many cases.

Since the problem of environmental degradation is global, a concerted effort needs to be launched to infuse ‘environment-consciousness’ among al1 and sundry before it gets too late to mend the matters.

In its mad race to make miracles and bring about a complete metamorphosis in the living styles, modern human kind seems to have failed to appreciate the inherent worth of animal and plant life in totality. In ancient times nature held our respect, perhaps due to religious or supernatural associations. Now that we have a scientific grasp of nature, we have lost sight of its wider aesthetic, spiritual and complementary value. With the onslaught of industrialization, nature has been through a rapid exploitation leading to pollution and depletion of its resources. This destructive trend can be slowed down, if not completely reversed, if collective care and concern for environment-consciousness is created through different media, education, visual and performing arts.

Science and technology, glitter and glamour, speed and success— these are some of the telling traits of human condition today, at the cost of degraded ecosystem, near extinction of some forms of life, global warming, and the like. In order to feel secure, without having a clear conscience of the environment, is like walking waywardly on a land mine The impression that conservation of the environment is art elitist concern of some individuals and groups, should be dispelled through every possible means.

Nature—rather environment or ecology—in all its moods and manifestations represents harmony and deep power of joy that can enable us to “see into the life of things” and thus escape from the sinister sway and swing of materialistic mores that have made most of us strangers and aliens to the life sustaining forces on this planet. The urgency to take stock of the current status of biodiversity is the crying need of the hour. It is because of lack of awareness on our part, of the many species of flora and fauna that they are being lost by us “unknowingly”. How to bring such facts close to the consciousness of the people should be the foremost task of all those who have the good of the earth in their hearts. No matter how we manipulate the achievements of science and technology, the moot question would always stare us in the face. If we fail to create’ constructive consciousness’ towards environment, in our work culture, developmental activities will end in allied areas of action and interaction. We shall be heading for an impending catastrophe that a highly polluted environment is going to unleash on one and all.

Our ancestors were more environment-conscious and conscientious than us. Their common needs did not go beyond fuel collection, flower plucking, fruit gathering and the like. They did not indulge in wanton destruction of forests nor did they resort to hunting and poaching in an unscrupulous manner. Unlike the plunder of today, where the governing passion is to explore and exploit the known and unknown sources of wealth, the attitude of our forefathers towards life and its mission was ‘live and let others live’. Willy-nilly, planners, policy-makers and wheeler- dealers of political power have allowed the things to drift and degenerate for long. It is time now that we should sit up and see the writing on the wall. The warning signals are ringing all rounds.