On the stroke of midnight, the 15th of August 1947, we take up to life and freedom. But very soon we were back again in the same old track, prosperity, modernization and healthy living seen a distant reality and possibility. Now it is not the English who enslaved us but we are enslaved by our own old orthodox views and function. After years of independence our progress has been very slow. Mere modernization will not make our nation great but modernization should be started from the grass root level. If the society is modem, up dated and free from prejudices, India will surely gain its true independence from mental slavery and will surely jump to a successful nation.

The main drawback of our society is that gender discrimination. Men and women are the two wheels of life. Life can never be a smooth sailing of one of its wheels neglected. Men should always remember that “behind every great man, there is a woman”. By giving equal rights to woman, India can take the first step towards social and economic development. Reforms should be initiated to make the people realize the benefit of equal treatment to the females.

Another problem faced by India following its efforts for modernization through industrialization is the employment of children below 14 years of age in hazardous jobs. By making the children work at such an early age the innocence of the child is destroyed. Instead of making them work they should be educated, so that the future of our country remains secure in their hands. Reform should be initiated in this sector.

The preamble of our constitution declared India to a socialist, democratic and secular republic. Hence Govt is formed by the people’s representatives. But, unfortunately not many people know their role as voters. Unscrupulous political leaders use these groups of people; as their vote bank. The reason for this is mass illiteracy. The illiterate people do not know the meaning of democracy. As such illiteracy means failure of democracy and success of plutocracy. So reform in the education ­policy is a must for to attain the status of corruption free country.

Indian needed to became modern not only technologically, but also mentally. It is only then that all vicious and degraded feelings of communalism, linguistic differences, caste system, regionalism, economic disparity etc will cease to trouble the Indian mind making him liberal. Let us by way of reforms build a nation worth emulating for others by polishing our virtues and washing away our views.