Motor accidents have become very common these days. They are due to rash driving. One day our school decided to take us for a picnic. We hired four buses and started at 9.00 a.m. We were in a happy mood. All the buses ran at full speed. After a few minutes, we saw a truck coming from the opposite side. It was loaded with bricks. The driver was dead drunk. He was driving the truck carelessly.

Our bus driver sounded the horn again and again. He tried to avoid the accident. But it was of no use. A collision occurred. The driver was thrown off the bus. We began to weep. Two of my friends were badly injured. They were shifted to the hospital.

A big crowd gathered on the spot. They showed sympathy with us. The truck driver was arrested by the police. After some time, we learnt of the death of our driver. We felt very sad. We lost a good friend.

It was a tragic accident, which I will never forget in my life. When I remember it, my heart begins to tremble. I reached home late at night. I told the whole sad story to my parents. They thanked God that I had a narrow escape