Accidents are very common in big cities as there are many mode of transport and roads are becoming narrow and overcrowded. We hear of them and read them in newspapers almost daily. Such accidents result in loss of life and material. These are caused by carelessness of drivers and their ignorance and negligence of traffic rules.

Once my brother and I decided to see a movie at Golacha Cinema at Daryaganj in Delhi. As we were getting late for the show, we began walking fast along the crowded road. All of a sudden there was a loud noise. I saw a man rolling on the ground. He had been knocked down by a car. The car driver was driving at normal speed. He saw a lorry coming from the opposite direction. It was being driven rashly. Since the car driver feared a collision. He tried to turn his vehicle aside, but his clutch wire gave way and the machine got out of control. It ran into a passerby and hit the pavement.

The man was seriously wounded. He sustained injuries on the head and face. His nose was bleeding and one of his legs was badly bruised. A crowd gathered on the spot. The wounded man rushed to a nearby hospital. Some people started abusing and hitting the car driver. Someone tried to convince them that it was not his fault. It was just an accident.

Luckily, the victim was declared out of danger. His wounds were dressed and he was advised rest in bed to get over the shock.

The police also arrived at the place of the accident. The car was well as the lorry drivers were taken to the police station. Their statements were recorded. The car driver was let off but the lorry driver was detained.