The system of village chowkidar is long standing concept. Initially, the villages were of the small size and scattered. The system of street lightening in the villages was unknown. At many places shrubs and bushes were uncared for. These created problems at night. Hence, there were the dangers of the thieves and animals in the village.

The chowkidar normally do not wear specific dress or uniform. As a weapon he uses either a “lathi” or a “spear”. Seldom there are two chowkidars who woek together. Hence it was the hazardous duty for chowkidar to move out in the village alone. At times he would call the villagers and ask them to be watchful.

A chowkidar has a lantern or a torch-light for guarding and also for his safety. Animals and snakes are common in the village roads. His light and lathi or spear comes handy for his safety. A chowkidar is a courageous man and honest. He is dutiful also. He is loved and liked by all the villagers. He is invited to participate in all the functions.

Now a village chowkidar is considered to be the lowest link in administration. He informs the nearest police office about any incident in the village. Now he also informs the municipality or corporation about births, deaths etc. He also informs the Health Departments about the spread of disease in the village. The chowkidar must get a good salary.