Last Sunday I went to circus with my family. It was located on the Red Fort ground. The circus tent was brightly illuminated with electric lights. Seats had been arranged in a circular fashion. A big crowd has assembled there.

Exactly at 7 o’clock the show began. We were full of thrill and excitement. First came in seven horses with seven men dressed in pink, blue, red and a girt in a riding cloak riding on them. The band was in attendance and all the horses went round in a circle dancing to the tune of music. Then the riders got up and stood aside directing the tricks to be shown by the horses. The girl struck the whip and the horses galloped in a circle, the riders stand­ing on their backs. It was indeed very wonderful.

Then the elephants were brought in. They performed funny tricks. One by one they crossed a narrow bridge. They stood up on their hind legs and danced in a row. One balanced his forelegs on the back of the next in front of him. They also played football match.

Next came three very funny clowns with painted faces. One was dressed like a monkey, the other like a lion and the third like a village girl. We children thought at first that they were animals that could both speak and walk. They made us roar with laughter by their funny tricks. But the most wonderful part was played by lions. It was really a splendid thing to see them do things unimagin­able in actual life. There stood the lion-trainer, with a strong whip in his hand. There were three lions which I was made to stand in a row, and a goat was made to jump from the back of one lion to another’s back. It was really surprising to see all this.

There were athletes too, who held us spell-bound with their gymnastic feats. They climbed to the roof of the tent by means of a ladder and then exchanged places in a dare­devil manner.

We returned home, full of excitement and a sense of horror.