It was during Diwali Vacation that we had a tour visiting historical and religious cities of the North. Reaching Delhi we came to know about the Industrial Exhibition at Pragati Maidan, the brightest show in the country. It was a long distance from our place. But bus took us directly to the Supreme Court from where we had literally to walk the one kilometer distance to the Exhibition. It was all a crowded route. Within a few minutes we were at the entrance. It was a huge gate.

Once in the exhibition we were really in a magic land. There were huge buildings built by the USA and some other European countries long back when they participated in the first Industrial Exhibition after independence. These huge pavilions were mini exhibition themselves. Many of them were occupied by foreign firms and governments. There was a pavilion of every state. Latest industrial development was exhibited in these pavilions. They had instruments and plants. There were textile plants, machinery for manufacturing drugs, engineering goods, automobiles, heavy machinery. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) had demonstrated power generating units. One of them was Solar Power generating unit. Another part consisted of pavilions and stalls of Industrialists and Businessmen. The best was that of the Tata’s. They had, in different parts, demonstrated mini plants for manufacturing steel ingots, girders and railway lines. Diesel Engine and Electric Locomotive were also demonstrated. The most interesting pavilion was that of Asian Paints. The little boy would come out of a television set, paint the four sides and stand. There was always a big crowd to see the chap. The Rajasthan Pavilion too was very interesting. One of the stalls demonstrated precious stones in ornaments. Another had a large number of statues made of aluminum.

The exhibition was so big that it would take at least a week to see it. We were too tired to enter more pavilions and took refuge in the area that provided sweets and snacks. No one wanted to have ice cream as it was a bit cold. We took snacks of our choice and tea. It was already ten. We strolled out to be one with the crowd rushing home.