An ideal citizen is faithful and loyal to his state. He is patriot to the core. He never hesitates even to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his country. He never lags behind in the hour of trial. He tries his level best to uphold the dignity and integrity of his motherland. Devotion to duty is the sole criterion of an ideal citizen. He is a man of high moral character. He is helpful and disciplined. He strikes a balance between his loyalties towards self, family, profession, society and nation. He always works for the bigger interests. He is full of social feelings. He enjoys his rights and performs his duties successfully. He exercises his vote honestly. At no cost can be coaxed to leak out the secrets of his country to the foreigners. He never wastes the natural resources. He full use of his precious time and is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his country. He shows respect to the elders of the society.