In November every year our school holds the annual function for prize. This year also the prize distribution was held. The function was held under a beautiful ‘shamiana’ within the compound as the school hall was not big enough to hold all the students, teachers and the visitors. It was beautifully decorated with flags, mottoes and pictures. A large platform had been put up and over it were placed tables loaded with prizes and chairs for the governor and the high officials of the city. There were chairs for visitors, while we sat on benches.

We were all on our seats by 4.00 p.m. The governor and other guests arrived exactly at 4.00 p.m. he was received at the gate by the principal. The boy scouts of the school welcome the chief guest with national flags in their hands. The girls sang a beautiful chorus to welcome him. When he entered the ‘shamiana’ we all stood up and cheered while the boys of our school sang ‘Bande Mataram’.

After the chief guest had taken his seat, the chairman of the reception committee read welcome speech. When that was over, the principal read out the annual report. It was rather dull and nobody cared much for it, but the governor seemed to be interested in it for he listen it rapt attention.

After the report had been read, the principal requested the governor to give away the prizes. The vice-principal now came forward and called out the names of the prize-winners who walked to the platform one by one to receive the prizes.

After the prizes had been given away, the governor made a short speech. He praised the school for its achievements in sports and studies during the year.

When the governor sat down, the principal thanked him for sparing his valuable time and presiding over the function and called for three cheers which we gave very heartily.

Then governor left and we were given a holiday in honour of his visit.