“Train up a child in the way he should and when he is old he will not depart from it” says the Old Testament. Stevenson said, ‘A child should always say what’s true’. Impressions of childhood extend to the whole life. If the impressions are good, the child will be the wealth of the nation. Poverty and economic setbacks do not always come in the way of moral progress. Problem did not deter shepherd Abraham becoming the President of the United States of America. Hardships did not stops shepherdess Joan from becoming the commander of the French army to defeat England. The former was assassinated. The latter was burnt at the stake. But the two children grew to the saviours of their nations. They are the real wealth USA and France are proud of even today.

Children build the nation. They are the real asset of the nation. This asset must not be thrown out to pick crumbs. One can see a number of children in the age group 5-10 serving in way-side hotels for pretty sum. They would serve food to the customers. But they have no share in what they serve. What wealth are these children expected to be? They become a liability.

Childhood is the blooming period of human life. The child should have all the facilities of childhood. It is a delicate age. He should have sources of recreation and enjoyment, healthy food, good clothes to wear. Then and then only he would develop and grows as a useful citizen for the nation. A half clad, ill fed child cannot gain the potentialities to become the real wealth of the nation.

It is said that many people in backward countries have large number of children. They cannot maintain them well. Many die in their childhood. Many of them grow as criminals. Thus they become smugglers and drug traffickers who may betray the nation. Let us make effort so that so that children remain the wealth of our nation. Limiting the number of children in each family will help in providing them with basic amenities like food, education, clothing etc. The parents will able to bring up their children and mould them to be good citizens. Thus they will become assets to the nation.