A library is a collection of books for consulting or borrowing. The books are kept in a room. It is a must for every school. I study in D.A.V Public School. Our school has a very big library. Mrs. Asha Nigam is our librarian. There are around 15,000 books in our library. There are books on almost every subject. There are many encyclopedias and reference books. There is a reading room attached to the library. It contains a huge table with seating arrangement for fifty people. Many magazines, newspaper and periodicals are kept in a corner. We have one library period every week. During that period, we go and sit in the library and read books silently. We can also go the library during our free periods. The librarian issues one book for one week. We are also allowed to read in the library after school hours. We add to our knowledge by reading library books. Every students must form a habit to go to the library and reading books during free time, instead of loitering around uselessly.