Formerly India was only an agricultural country but now industries are being set up at a large scale. Even the foreign countries are investing their money in India and opening new industries. Since the industries have come up, the society has been divided into two groups- one is capitalist and other is worker or labourer.  In this society capitalists exploit the labour class for their own benefits. They amass wealth at the cost of the workers. The capitalists enjoy honour and status in society but the labour class is looked down upon by everyone in society.

This division keeps them apart from each other and creates a big gap between them. Socialism is the only step which can bring both the classes together. Socialism believes in the equality of man. Nobody is considered rich or great. All are equal. In it a man does not exploit the other man. The rich do not depend on the labour of others. Socialism tells that those who work have the right to get proper remuneration of their labour. It does not allow the rich to become richer.

Socialism means a society in which everybody is equal both economically and socially. Socialism does not mean that the income of everybody should be the same or everyone should have worldly possessions alike. It pleads equality in the true sense. It means that a man should get the opportunity to work and he should be given a proper wages for his labour.

Even the children whether they come from a rich family or poor should get equal opportunity of education. In the same way a poor boy has the right to enjoy all those facilities in education which a rich boy enjoys. Similarly socialism means that all people irrespective of the caste, creed or wealth should get suitable opportunities for getting jobs according to their qualification.

Socialism means that wealth should not accumulate in the hands of one or few persons. Its distribution should be such as the rich should not become richer and the poor should not become poorer. Socialism removes the gap between the rich and poor. No democratic form of government can succeed without socialism i.e. economic equality. If socialism is adopted in its true sense, there will be no hatred, no enmity and no exploitation.