Student’s unrest is a fashion of every university now-a-days. There is a great students’ unrest in many colleges and universities. The students are angry with the authorities and are not open to reason. They go on strikes, burn buses, and even beat their teachers. The life of the teachers is no longer safe.

Why students agitate? What is the cause of the student unrest? It has many causes. One reason is that the students are more interested in politics of the country than in books and examinations. They have become tools of the politicians who use them against the government to seek their own selfish ends.

Another reason is that the prices are rising and the student sees that their families are suffering and they cannot meet both the ends. Their parents cannot pay them sufficiently for them education and anger of the students finds an outlet in agitations. Since they cannot afford a cinema ticket, they create fun and frolic through agitation on the campus.

Another reason is that unemployment is on the increase and the student faces a gloomy future after passing through the examination. They decide to vent their anger right while they are students to draw the attention of the authorities to their expected plight.

Another reason is that the students are no longer interested in studies and any kind of hard work. They seek easy careers where they do not have to do any work. They want to get rich quickly and even passing examinations is a great bother for them. Their energies add fire in agitation and strikes.

Another reason is that the teachers themselves are not sufficiently interested in their students. They are more interested in getting the salaries and earning more and more money through fair and foul means than have any serious genuine interest in the welfare of the students. Consequently, the education, the teachers and the students are all going to dogs.