Kerala is one of the suicide-prone states in India. About twenty-eight persons die by suicide in Kerala. The suicide rate here is three times the national average and has been so for many years now. The malaise has appeared both towns and villages alike.  More and more persons like the adolescents, young, middle-aged and aged-find life increasingly miserable. Frequently, they opt to stop the killing pain by taking their own lives. It is reported that, in Kerala, males are more in dyeing by suicide. The ratio is approximately 70:30.Eighty percent of those who die by suicide belong to the productive age group of 15-59 years. Further, family suicides are also taking place increasingly here.

Social changes (absence of communication family problems, divorces), deterioration in indices of social progress (unemployment, high crime rates, alcohol consumption, violence against women and children), life styles (consumerism), mental disorders and illness(depression untreated and under treated) negative interaction from society, problems in education system, etc are the notable reasons of suicides in Kerala. Agricultural loss, heavy debts, sex rackets, etc are the other problems recently noted towards it. Drowning, fire/self immolation, consuming poisons and insecticides, hanging, etc are the means they usually adopted for suicides.

Actually, suicide is a serious mistake. It is a murder and a crime against society. It is crime against those that are near us. Sometimes, it appears to be sole solution for a crisis that has no answer, but this is only a false belief.