In modern days advertisements have raided the T.V. There is not a single serial or programme, in between which advertisements are not shown to the public on T.V. The advertising companies find and an easy access to people through T.V to hammer the qualities of the products of their clients. The result is that men, women and children waste their hard-earned money on purchasing things found not so good in use. Moreover, advertisements on T.V. are a great nuisance, as they not only kill our time but also our peace of mind. Some of the advertisement shown on T.V. are very vulgar and have an adverse effect on the growing children. The advertisements lure people to buy the products, which are even harmful. For example, not all the shampoos are good for hair. Similarly, some soap may spoil our skin. Once a lady applied particular hair oil, in a week she became bald. The children watch advertisements with great interest and they sometimes ask the parents to buy them the products they have seen in the advertisements. This leads to wastage of money. There should be a strict policy of the Govt. to restrict the display of advertisements on T.V.