Science has pervaded the whole humanity today. The greatest blessing of Science is that it has widened our horizon in every field. It has given us a scientific way of thinking. One now believes in a thing only if it is proved by reasoning. It has given a big jolt to blind faith. The old beliefs that diseases are connected with ghosts and witches are losing grounds. Most of the ailments are cured by drugs and vaccines. Heart, liver and kidneys can be changed. Methods have been evolved to plan the family. One can have only as many children as he wishes and can afford to rear.

The boredom of hard physical work has been shifted from the shoulders of man to the machines provided by science. Look at the cranes and railway engines that lift and move tones and tones of things. The robot does the most hazardous works at the command of man. It enters even a furnace and does a number of things man can never dare do.

The blessings of Science are not limited to man’s physique and health alone. Science has enlarged the mental faculty of man. Human mind is complicated machinery. It is store house of myriad things. It calculates and arrives at decisions. All the three faculties have been borrowed by science and have been presented back to man as a gift. The computer evolved by science relieves man from mental drudgery and gives him immediate results.

Besides the large number of things of comforts and luxuries, science has made the world small. The Super jets and other planes move faster than sound. Science has thus reduced the vast world to a small locality. It takes a few hours to reach the most distant places and few seconds to communicate with people at the farthest end and to enjoy the most interesting programmes and events happening anywhere.

Besides enjoyment the modern scientific means of transport and communication have given man a chance to be close. All countries are neighbours next door neighbours. If good sense prevails Science has made a perfect background for amiable relations among the countries. Let us seek the opportunity to evolve a common culture and world civilization. Let us turn the war torn world into a big family with the gift of Science.