Newspaper plays an important role in our daily life. Reading newspaper must be a habit and it should be a part of our life. Reading gives more energy to us. Moreover it help us to know what is happening around us, which increases our knowledge.

Newspapers are such a source which adds greatly to the taste of life. What is the light to eye, what is the air to lungs what is the love to the heart, so is newspaper to the soul of the educated man. Newspapers give us news and views. Newspapers present every day picture of events taking place in the world. The ideas of such men as Mr. Bush, the president of America, Mr. Chirac, and the President of France as also various heads of states reach us through newspaper.

Newspapers are the cheapest and the best media for education. They educate us reading different social, Economic, Cultural and political problems. Newspaper covers very wide range of topics. They touch every angle of human life and activity. They give us knowledge and information. They enrich brain and we became well informed, cultured persons.

They draw the attention of rank and file of the burning and knotty problems of the world. Newspapers acquaint us with research and leaps in the fields of education, science and technology. They organize campaigns against social evils. The commercial value of the newspapers is wide. A reader knows the price of different items. The advertisements about consumer items are the matter of great interest for a house wife. Industrialists, Traders and Consumers of all climes find things of their interest. In women section there are clues of success for women having problematic lives. Cartoons, humour and puzzles are very amusing. The sports section is most exciting and thrilling page for the fans. We read with deep interest about our favourite games and sports and the top notches. There is also enlightening literacy section containing stories, essays and poems of excellence and first rate value.

The edition remarks are of vital importance. The criticism of Government, policies is very constructive purposeful. Newspapers are the vehicles of public opinion. The screen section is a matter of great charm and attraction for young and old, men and women. The readers section is meant for readers to opine their opinion and grievances. Through it the trend of the public opinion is assessed. Newspapers provide intellectual food for the intelligentsia, employment for the unemployed, and commerce for the traders and past time for the readers. They are the friend of solitude. A newspaper is an educator, critic of Government a social reform and a champion of justice.