School youth festivals are the cradles of the students’ artistic and cultural development. They have become the forum where young artistic talents are discovered. Today they are conducted from school and college level to district and state levels and have gained much importance in academic routine.

Dance, music in various forms, painting, modeling, writing, dramatics and mimes are all presented at these competitions. These festivals give students an opportunity to express their artistic and literary talents. Prizes and certificates are awarded to the winners of various competitions. Nowadays, schools conduct their own youth festivals and children are selected to participate in the district level competitions. It is noticed that children from cities often fare better because of better training facilities available and also because their parents are in a position to spend more money to encourage them. State youth festival winners are awarded grace marks in the public examinations. However, the organizers should bear in mind that it is truly talented artist who should be rewarded and not the shallow artist who have money and influence to back them.

Youth festivals help to preserve our varied cultural heritage. Many of the old forms which are on the verge of decay are preserved and kept alive by including then in the youth festival competitions. This is a boon to the future generations. This will certainly help the cultural growth of a country. As a whole, youth festivals give the opportunity to develop the qualities of mutual respect, love, communal harmony and national integration.