One of the most significant after effects of the emergence of terrorism in the country is the establishment of a corps of elite commandos in our social fabric. These omnipresent commandos of the national security guards, popularly known as “black cats” because of their black uniforms and lithe cat like movements are always to be sent at public functions hovering closely around VIPs for their security. They are called upon to perform the most hazardous of duties in connection with terrorist activities, be they VVIP personal security or action in kidnappings, bombings, hostage taking and assassinations etc. these men who stake their lives for the safety of common men inspire envy from the youth and awe and respect from all segments of society. What goes into the making of these seemingly superhuman people is equally awe inspiring. Members of national security have disciplined and respectful way of life. Indeed, ‘seido’ which means the sincere way has its guiding philosophy or love, respect and obedience. They are trained in seido karate, instructors leave little scope for the discretion of the student to learn the art and they are put through grueling routine to ensure that all techniques come to them as a matter of habit whenever required. The training is provided to the commandos at the Honbu Dozo of seido karate, in India at Greater Kailash in Delhi. However, while an average student undergoes a class of only one hour the NSG commandos are put through a ground of all the classes from morning to evening.