Unemployment is a burning question of today. Unemployment has posed a great hurdle in the path of our progress. At present, educated and qualified people are available but there is a dearth of employment prospects. For single vacant posts, thousands of applications are received every day. Many a highly qualified persons have to undertake jobs, which are not up to their qualification. There are instances, where persons with Ph.D. degrees have been employed as primary teachers or clerks. Promotion opportunities are limited. Government must create job-oriented courses. As soon as a person completes his education, he must either get a job or must be given an opportunity to start his own business. He should not be rendered a biting parasite for the society. Many youths today are forced to do menial jobs. Some even do not get such menial jobs and they are left with no other alternative but to either become criminals or commit suicide. There has been a rise in the crime rate like robbery, theft, kidnapping etc. only because of unemployment.