Essay Topics about A RAINY DAY


It was the month of June. The sun was shining brightly. It was very hot. People reminded inside to escape the heat of the sun. Everybody wished for rains. The weather forecast too predicted the arrival of early monsoon. One morning, I woke up to find a pleasant wind blowing. I opened my windows and found that the sky was overcast with dark clouds. I was thrilled. Rains at last! I ran out. Soon it began to rain. It rained cats and dogs for two hours. Children came out of the houses to bathe in the rain. They splashed water at each other. Some boys made paper boats and floated them in the water. Everybody seemed to enjoy the first rain of the season. The trees looked green and beautiful. The roads wore a new look as they were washed by the water. Heat was gone. Everybody was happy to get respite from the burning sun. My mother prepared pakoras and tea for the breakfast. We enjoyed the pakoras and tea. It kept on drizzle. Children were happy as they could take their colourful umbrellas and walk in the rains. My friends and I went to a park nearby. A beautiful sight met our eyes there. A peacock had spread its feathers and dancing joyfully. It was really a very nice experience.