Essay Topics about BOOKS ARE NOT DYING


If people were asked to define the importance of the books they would probably state that books are dead or will be dead soon. In “books a dying are? Don’t believe it”, Anne Proulx expressed her views books. She suggests “every other week someone says that books are dead or dying”. By analyzing which will focused on a meaning, a form and the style of the essay well reveal that books are not on the way to extinction.

Throughout the essay “books a dying art”, the author developed the thesis extremely well, so the reader could grasp the meaning of the essay. First, the thesis opens the introduc­tion; it’s stated every clearly that every other day people says that books are dying, it compares with new technology. In similar manner, when television was invented people thought that the radio will diminished. The body of the essay consist nine paragraphs. The first paragraph of the body talks about people thinks “disappearance of books”. As well as in our society no one reads book any more. In the second paragraph of the body, people are confused in “clouded direction of cul­ture”. Furthermore, the co-operations want to buy publishers because the books are becoming more interesting; also, books are coming in different languages. Mainly, the society has change, many years the books weren’t traveling anywhere, today for instant books are found everywhere they are mov­ing. For example, books are moving into hotel, motel, etc. Later in the paragraph the author Proulx talks about “elec­tronic highway” is taking over the world. Although comput­ers are taking over but people are not going to sit down and read a novel on a twitchy little screen. In addition, the books are the identification of the man & women “not software”. In my view, today in our society books are not disappearance; computer will never take over the books. In order to under­stand the thesis and the topic of an essay the text has to have some structure.

In addition, the essay has to have standard structure; the form helps readers understand the important of the topic. The essay “books a dying art?” falls in to formal category the author uses third person pronoun. Also, the source of the evi­dent is historical “many year ago one could find only single title in black book”: This quote refers to the Bible, in the past only book motel room could find is Bible, but thing has change now. Furthermore, the structure follow a fairly rigid struc­ture that focuses on the development of one clear argument at a time to support the thesis; throughout the essay the text follow clearly, it doesn’t jump around. Like most essays the thesis of “books a dying art” is stated in beginning of the essay, the author actually describes how people think of books “disappearance of books”; than what’s happening in the soci­ety “corporation are fighting to buy publishers”. Later Proulx talks how computer can’t take over the books. Mainly, the vocabulary tends to be more academic and contain unfamil­iar words like “moribund”. In addition, the essay is exposi­tory and argumentative. It describes and explains the topic, how books are dying; as well as argumentative, gives series of arguments to support the point that books are not dying. Whenever the essay is written, it should follow standard struc­ture.

Apart from analyzing the meaning, form and the final step is to look for a style. Style helps to convey a particular meaning to produce a particular effect. First, the essay uses metaphor, compares two things with our using like or as; “the book is moribund after the computer as the asp on the mat”; compares books with computer, the books could in a way out because of computer. The author Prolux also uses Analogy, so the reader could understand something unfamiliar by com­paring it to something well known. “The electronic highway is for bulletin board on esoteric subjects, reference work”. The author Proulx uses analogy to support the point, she com­pares computers with books, that “electronic highway” refers to the internet; it can only be use for reference not reading books. In addition, the author uses Allusion; indirect refer­ence to well known thing; the essay reface to “only a single title in black binding” it referee to the Bible, in the motel in the past the only book that can be found is Bible but now things have change. The author uses allusion to proof the point. Also, rhetorical question is use in the essay, “what are planes but flying reading rooms”, answer is already implied, that books are flying where. Last but not least, the tone of the essay is encouraging. The tone of this is that technology can’t take over the books.

In conclusion, the meaning of the essay is books are not dying, Proulx’s essay is from and rhetorical devices or style. The essay reflects on books are still part of life it can’t die’ technology will not take over the books. The society needs books; it teaches us about life.