Essay Topics about POLLUTION


Modernization has encouraged the pollution now-a-days. The wants, demands and necessities of the modern world are increasing day by day these demands are the main cause for flourishing industrialization. The growing of population causes more demands and its causes more demands and its causes development of industries. In this way this process of environmental pollution.

Now-a-days the pollution is increasing. Forest is being cut and at their places cities are developing. Due to this reason pollution is continuously increasing day by day. The plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere and releases oxygen. Oxygen is the most important thing for the human being. Without oxygen man cannot live in this world. At this reason pollution of atmosphere is harmful for bodily development.

 Air pollution is widespread in India. Cutting of forest chemical factories, industries dirt or filth of the city and smoke automobiles, all pollute the air by smoke and fumes of sulphur and many acids.

Besides air water too is polluted the whole of the dirt and filth of the cities reaches to rivers through the drainage system. There are many chemical factories on the banks of rivers. All the chemical waste discharged from the factories is mixed with water of the rivers. In villages we find that villagers wash clothes on the bank of rivers and ponds. They make their cattle bathe in the rivers. All these activities causes of pollution in the water.

Sound pollution is mostly found in big cities. Heavy machines of factories make such noise that unrests the minds and indirectly affects the nervous system. Loud speaker, radio and television sets are the most injurious to us when these are tuned at full volume. Railway traffic and traffic on road is also a main cause of sound pollution.

One more reason is radioactivity. It causes pollution when nuclear energy plants discharge radioactive elements. When these types of pollution take place the people feel unrest condition, uneasiness, and disturbance in mind and so many other injuries in body.

So we can say that industrialization developing cities and increasing population has pollution. Now the world is aware of this fact.