A month before the meeting between Deng Xiapong the supremo of China and the Russian President Gorbachev in Beijing the Universities and Colleges in Beijing were closed. 3000 students were on hunger strike and more than a million students gathered in Tiananmen Square on the day of the meeting. As the Secretary of the Communist Party Zhao Ziyang sided with the students he had to lose his position. This indiscipline among the students was responded by Martial Law by the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party. What was the reason of indiscipline among the students throughout China? The process of democratization in the country that was promised to them was not complete. The corruption in the government continued.

A similar picture can be seen throughout the world. In Philippines they revolted against the tyranny of Marcos. In Punjab there were frequent strikes as the Punjab problem was not solved. In the Hindi belt of India there are strikes in schools and colleges because classes are not held. Teachers do not teach seriously in schools. They take classes at their residence. There is too much corruption in educational department and universities. Examinations have become a farce. A few mafia students are given shelter by politicians.

The sword falls on the students. They are held responsible for the indiscipline. They see that the whole society is corrupt. The politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen all want to be millionaire within a few days. This short cut tendency appeals to the students too. They too study only for a month or two before the examinations. They copy; they approach the paper setters and examiners and finally pressurize the Vice Chancellors and Principals. For the rest of the months they either do not attend the College or indulge in different types of activities leading to indiscipline. Still they are better than the law makers in assemblies and the Parliament who throw mikes and chairs at one another.

The indiscipline among the students is actually a reflection of the indiscipline in the society. They are a step ahead the times. They want more freedom. They oppose corruption. They have the dream of enlightened society away from conservatism. They want to change the face of the world. They are not guided by elders. The examples placed before them are not worth respecting. Naturally they have no option but to revolt. It is labeled as indiscipline. The society must introspect and undo the evils to undo indiscipline among students.