The ASEAN agreement is an agreement with India and Asian countries to import certain electronic as well as agriculture goods into India. The agreement was only for trade–in-goods and die not consist of software and information technology. There has been much debate about the agreement.

       In this era globalization, it is a fact that no country can survive without adaptation. The agreement is very important from the perspective of India since the main objective of the agreement is to complete with Chinese products in term of price. As a result, china has hastily claimed a major pie in the market across the region .When we give consent to ASEAN nations to expect their googs to India, the safety of farmers and small traders will be put at stake.

       Kerala is going to see the most terrible effects of the ASEAN agreement. Kerala people have already started protesting against this agreement. The agricultural products scheduled in the ASEAN agreement consist of tea, coffee rubber and pepper .We know that Kerala is the most important procedure of such goods in India. If such an agreement comes in action, it will reduce the price of such goods in turn affecting the farmers and the economy as well .Farmers have been facing a hard time even before this. A majority of farmers has stopped farming altogether and has migrated to gulf countries. The farmers who remain go through hardship that put their lives at stake. In this situation state and central governments should think about the matter critically and should do everything to protect their interests and save farmers from suicide.

       There is the other side for the agreement; the good side .This agreement is a good pace forward in the exact direction, on the opinion that by importing food and other items, the government can control the price hike in Kerala. Whatever are the discussions and debate on the agreement, the Indian ASEAN free trade agreement was finally signed, on 13 August 2009 at Bangkok, after six years of discussions.

       Today countries are negotiating agreement on trade in services and investments. India has already made requests in teaching, nursing charted accountancy, medicine architecture etc .Become India has large number of English speaking professionals in these areas and they can go from job opportunities in the Asian region. The country also interested in expanding its Telecom, IT, Tourism and banking net work in Asian countries.