“When man finally colonized the moon, the first tea shop was set up by an Indian duo” A journalist wrote. It seems quite a myth of course but the fact remains that, unlike past Indians have been emigrating to the green pastures since the sixties. The Parliament was informed that Indians have settled in to countries, while official number in the USA is 20 lakhs. There were some light only who had settled in order Magnolia. Great Britain comes next to the states in the number of Indian emigrants. Next comes continental Europe, Canada, Australia, Newzealand and the Middle East. Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Philippine Islands are the other countries have vie with India in the presence in these countries have started tightening their laws straightening their vigil on illegal immigration.

A number of scientists move to other lands, especially to the USA and other progressive countries for they do not find scope for their genius in their motherland. Some professionals too who have an aptitude for research move out and settle down in a country of their choice. They are respected in these countries for their achievements. They are an asset there while we suffer from brain drain. The cream of our society moves out. They haven’t a craze for the activities make it imperative for them to move out. Their sincerity and devotion to their work does not allow them to rust in the maze of bureaucratic regime and political action for advantages against principles. Their emigration is not a craze for foreign lands but for the fulfillment of their dream for the sake of humanity.

Besides this cream there are other too highly educated well settled people who dream of moving to lands where with the knowledge or experience at their disposal they can lead a comfortable life very rich from Indian standards. Their vision of western countries leads them to the lands where money flies in the atmosphere; one has to use one’s skill to catch hold of it. They may start with a humble job that brings them twenty to thirty times more remuneration that what is fetched them in this land of the poor. Their life in these foreign lands is free of power cats, scarcity of water, poor health services. They amass wealth on the one hand and acquire resources enough to enjoy the beauties of the western countries in all their glamour and luxuriance. This craze to see, enjoy and experience the new world leads them to emigrate, especially to the states or the countries of European community.

Besides this intelligentsia unskilled workers also migrate to other countries. Labour being cheap in India because of more population. So they have only one target before him to earn a lot with his labour and accumulate the gold or money at home.

But the craze of foreign lands that is the craze for gold has became so persisting that a large number of unskilled and semi skilled labourers manage to satisfy it through illegal means. They are tempted by illegal travel agents. The craze for some materializes for others it may be an entry in the dark valley of uncertainty for they had disposed off all they possessed to land on rich countries  their  land of dreams.