A school magazine is a periodical. The students maintain it with the help of their teachers. An editorial board consisting both teachers and students is framed for its management and publication. It contains various contributions from teachers and students like essays on various topics, poem, stories and articles. It also contains a list of the major activities of the school.

The school magazine has many advantages. It inculcates in the students the ability to write. In order to write, they have to -read regularly. Thus, the two major skills of any languages, namely, reading and writing, are developed by the students. The teachers can spot talented students and give them extra lessons in writing. The students feel the joy of having attained something. The school magazine encourages the students to carry their own studies and extra-curricular with great zeal. Each school magazine has statement about the progress of the students. The outstanding performance by students in academic, scientific and literary fields, and in arts and sports, find their way into the school magazine.  The school magazine will contain a history of the school for the year. This will be of great use in later years.

The students also learn the value of co-operation and working together for the success of the magazine. A spirit of constructive competition is acquired by them. Almost all the work related to a magazine can be entrusted to the students. This will give them a sense of responsibility. They may have to meet former students for articles, and important persons for messages for the magazine. This will teach them how to make contacts with others. The school magazine brings the students in close in touch with one another. They read more to increase the knowledge and this helps them to think for themselves. Thinking increases the reasoning power of the students. Above all, they get a good command of the language. Future artists, novelists, poets and writers can be boomed through the school magazine.

Thus, the importance of a school magazine cannot be neglected. The budding talents of students can be brought out, and no doubt the society will get a large number of writers in future.