Essay Topics about LIVE AND LET LIVE


 Live and let live is a principle. It tells us about the importance of the spirit of co-operation and brother­hood. In our daily domestic, social, national and interna­tional life, if we are tolerant and believe in the policy of give and take, most of our problems can be solved, most of the people are selfish and narrow minded. They want to live comfortably. They do not know that all of us are one. God is our father and we are brothers and sisters. Our Interests are common, we have claim on each other and duties towards others. Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi and later on our beloved leader Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru also stressed the need for fellow feeling. Live and let live is one of the principles of punch sheel. If the big power of the world became tolerant the clouds of war can disap­pear in no time. But the tragedy is that they want to exploit others. The need of the hour is that we should rise above petty jealousies by serving others, we serve our own welfare. All our Holy books, prophets and well wishers of mankind have been preaching us to practice this ideal. The world can be worth living only if we act upon this principle.