Of all the inventions during the last two centuries, the invention of electricity has been the most wonderful and useful. Everywhere we find ourselves amid the various kinds of appliances based on electricity. But seldom do we realize how much we depend on it for the comfort of our daily life. This is because electricity is easily available to us. We realize the importance only when for a moment its stops working. I happened to realize its importance and power when in the month of July we had to go without electricity for a full day.

It was 7.30 p.m. when there was a power break-down following a heavy thunder-storm. It not only uprooted the electric poles but damaged the transformer which supplied electricity to our locality. We had to live in dark for the whole night. We reported to the exchange but the response was irritating than satisfying, as it would take twelve hours or so to regain the power supply.

We were to a great hardship. At night I could not study, though I tried to study in candle light but I found myself unable to concentrate. There was hardly a speck of light visible. The whole colony was enveloped in “eternal gloom”. It looked like the city of the dead. There was no activity in the market too with all the shops closed.

The next morning newspaper reported several cases of accidents and incidents of robbery in various parts of our locality. As in the absence of light, robbers had a golden chance to rob. In the absence of street light the fast moving vehicles collided and led to serious accidents. All the road crossings where automatic signals were installed went out of order.

In school we could hardly concentrate on our lessons. The time seemed to drag on forever while we perspired in the humid atmosphere. On account of electricity failure we missed the television lesson too. The power did not only cause inconvenience to students but to officers, factory owners and factory workers too. The house wives and cinema goers also suffered. Most of the factories had to close down and cinema halls had to postpone their shows.

 When after about eighteen hours power supply was restored, I realized, how much we depend on this mysterious force of all machines and modern life.