Essay Topics on A HOCKEY MATCH


Last Saturday a very interesting hockey match was played between our school team and government boys senior secondary school. The match was played in the ground opposite the town hall. Mr. John acted as referee. The match started at 4 p.m. sharp. The referee blew a whistle and we won the toss. The captains of both the teams arranged the players. I acted as the goalkeeper of our team. Both the teams were equally strong. The rival team gave us a tough time. They did their best to score a goal, but could not. By the interval nobody could score a goal. During the interval we had light refreshments. After ten minutes, the match started again. We become more active and luck seemed to be with us. We scored a goal. The spectators cheered us. The rival team, too, scored a goal. Both the teams struggled to win the watch. For sometime nobody could score a goal. It seemed that the match would be a draw. We gave a last try and as luck would have it, we scored a final goal. The match was now in our hands. The rival team, too, tried hard to score another goal, but in vain. The referee blew his whistle and the match ended. We had won the match.