Essay Topics on A VILLAGE FAIR


Most Indians live in village. Village folks are very fond of fair. These fairs reflect the true character of our country culture and tradition.

Every year a big fair is held I our village on the Baisakhi Day. It is an important day for villagers. This year I went to see it with my friends. We saw a large crowd in the fair. All roads led to the site of the fair. Villagers in their colourful dresses looked attractive.

A temporary bazaar was set up in the fair. Sweets, fruits and toys in abundance were displayed in shops. There were a large number of hawkers also. Cold drinks, ice-cream, kulfi, faluda and fancy articles were in great demand. Men, women, and children were making purchases.  Girls were buying bangles while children were after balloon. They were merry. Some people were enjoying the sports and games while others were singing and dancing. It was all fun everywhere.

In one corner there was a merry-go round. Children and grownups were enjoying rides on it. At another place, a juggler was showing tricks and amusing the spectators. Policemen in large number were standing nearby. They were guiding the people. The lost children were being resorted to their parents.

After sunset we returned home happy. How I wish to enjoy such events again and again!