Essay Topics on A VISIT TO A ZOO


A zoo is a place where birds and animals of different kinds are kept. Here people can observe and learn about animals. A visit to a zoo is always very interesting. It adds to our knowledge. Last Saturday, the weather was very pleasant. My friends and I decided to visit the Delhi zoo. It is situated near Purana Quila. We bought tickets and entered the zoo. The zoo was divided in different sections. First of all, we saw a pond in which there were many water birds like ducks and cranes. On one side was the monkey section. It was very interesting to watch the monkeys. We gave them peanuts and grams. They are greedily and made faces at us. The black monkey was new to us. We then reached the lion and tiger section. We saw white tigers, lions, wolves, leopards and number of other wild animals kept in huge cages. The white tiger was very majestic. There are very few white tigers left now. A lion roared loudly. We saw a lioness playing with her cub. We moved on and reached the birds section. Beautiful birds from all over the world were there in cages. They were chirping. There were white parrots and white crows, which were new for us. We were thrilled to see the Australian Kangaroo, which was recently brought to the Delhi Zoo. There was a separate section for reptiles in which numerous snakes and lizards from all over the world were kept. The habitat, food habit, species etc. of each and every animal and bird were written in front of their cages. We gained a lot of knowledge about the animals. Last of all, we enjoyed an elephant ride and returned home quite tired, but full of thrill and knowledge.